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Get photos/ videos of your Product without sending the product to a studio

Zeg AI Features

Get stunning photos/ videos of your Product without sending the product to a studioZEG Studio offers a virtual photographer solution, allowing users to create stunning 3D renderings of their products without sending them to a studio.

How it works:

  1. Upload Image: Upload your product image to get a 3D version of your product in 48 hours.
  2. Select Template: Insert your product (3D) in the growing template base and select render to get a 4k photo.
  3. Customize Image: Add your company logo and/or text on the finalized image and download to use on any media.


  • Shoot from the desktop, no studio required.
  • Test new ideas without creating a physical prototype.
  • Increase conversions, views, and number of items purchased.
  • Zero carbon footprint.


  • Stunning 3D photos for all platforms.
  • Outdoor photography, lifestyle imagery, hand model, and female body model.
  • Models, props, and scenes.
  • Web-based platform for easy access and collaboration.

Use Cases:

  • Small businesses who want to create photos without the expense of a studio.
  • Large companies who need their teams to be more flexible and productive while ensuring consistency across all brands.
  • Teachers who want to engage the creativity of their students without wasting time on learning new technologies.

Individuals who want to develop their 3D design skills without spending years on new software

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