Planner 5D

AI for Interior Design

Planner 5D AI is a suite of AI-powered tools that are integrated into the Planner 5D home design software. These tools use artificial intelligence to help users create more realistic and efficient designs.

Some of the AI features in Planner 5D include:

  • AI floor plan recognition: This feature allows users to upload a 2D floor plan image and have Planner 5D automatically create a 3D model of the room.
  • AI furniture placement suggestions: This feature provides users with suggestions for how to place furniture in their designs based on the dimensions and layout of the room.
  • AI design generator: This feature allows users to generate a variety of design ideas for their space based on their preferences.
  • AI real-time rendering: This feature allows users to see how their designs will look in real time, as they are making changes.

The Planner 5D AI tools make it easier for users to create realistic and efficient designs without having to have any prior experience with interior design. They can also save users time and frustration by providing suggestions and feedback.

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