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PDF Candy Features

PDF Candy is an online platform that allows users to convert files to PDF and vice versa, supporting over 20 different file formats. It also provides a wide range of additional PDF processing tools, including editing, splitting, merging, compressing, and more.

Key Features:

  • File Conversion: Convert files to PDF and convert PDFs to over 20 different file formats.
  • 47 Online PDF Tools: Access a wide range of tools for editing, splitting, merging, compressing, and more.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easily navigate and use the platform’s features without the need for software installation.
  • Secure File Upload: Upload files securely and maintain the privacy of your data.

Use Cases:

  • File Conversion: Convert documents, images, and other files to the PDF format for easy sharing and printing.
  • PDF Editing: Edit PDF files by adding or removing text, images, and annotations.
  • PDF Splitting and Merging: Split large PDFs into smaller documents or merge multiple PDFs into a single file.
  • PDF Compression: Reduce the file size of PDFs for easier storage, sharing, and faster loading times.
  • Watermarking: Add watermarks to PDFs to protect your documents or indicate their status.
  • PDF Encryption and Security: Apply password protection and restrict permissions to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive PDF files.

PDF Candy is a versatile online platform that simplifies PDF-related tasks by offering file conversion capabilities and a comprehensive set of PDF processing tools.

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