Expand your international viewership with award-winning AI dubbing featuring lifelike voices

Papercup is an AI video translation and dubbing platform that helps businesses reach new audiences around the world. Their services include:

Video Translation: Papercup’s AI automatically transcribes, translates, and creates human-sounding voiceovers for videos.
Video Dubbing: Papercup’s AI can also be used to dub videos in a variety of languages.
Video Editing: Papercup’s team of editors can help you polish your translated or dubbed videos.
Papercup’s services are used by a variety of businesses, including media companies, e-learning providers, and marketing agencies. Their affordable and scalable solutions make it easy to reach new audiences with your video content.

Here are some of Papercup’s major features:

•Award-winning AI: Papercup’s AI is award-winning and has been used to translate and dub videos for some of the world’s leading brands.
• Wide range of languages: Papercup supports over 100 languages, so you can reach your audience wherever they are.
• Affordable pricing: Papercup’s pricing is very affordable, so you can reach new audiences without breaking the bank.
Easy to use: Papercup’s platform is easy to use, so you can get started translating and dubbing your videos in minutes.

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