Text analytics without coding.

MonkeyLearn is an AI-powered text analysis platform that helps you extract insights from text data. It uses a variety of AI techniques, including natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, to identify patterns and trends in text data.

Here are some of its major features:

  • Text classification: MonkeyLearn can classify text into different categories. This can be helpful for tasks like spam filtering, sentiment analysis, and topic modeling.
  • Text extraction: MonkeyLearn can extract specific information from text. This can be helpful for tasks like customer support, product research, and marketing.
  • Text summarization: MonkeyLearn can summarize text data. This can be helpful for tasks like creating news briefs, generating product descriptions, and summarizing research papers.
  • Collaboration: MonkeyLearn can be used collaboratively, so you can share your models and data with others.

MonkeyLearn is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to extract insights from text data. It is easy to use and it can help you understand your text data better.

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