Turn your 2D photos and images into 3D models with AI.

Kaedim Features

Kaedim is a 3D modeling tool that generates production-ready 3D models from images using advanced AI technology. Key features and advantages include:

  • Automatic 3D model generation: Create detailed 3D models with textured and colored surfaces from basic images
  • Ease of use: No prior 3D modeling experience needed, making it accessible for all users
  • Industry adoption: Trusted by leading game studios such as Aardman Animations, Rebellion, and The Sandbox

Use cases for Kaedim are ideal for various professionals:

  • Game developers seeking to create stunning 3D art quickly and efficiently
  • Designers looking to generate complex 3D models in a fraction of the time
  • Studios and artists wanting to integrate AI-powered modeling into their existing workflows

Overall, Kaedim offers a time-saving and accessible solution for creating 3D models, backed by industry leaders such as Nvidia Inception, Epic MegaGrants, and Valve.

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