Empower Your Development with the Synthetic Data Platform. Features is a cutting-edge AI tool designed to empower users to leverage generative AI and synthetic data to unlock innovation and achieve more with their data. The platform offers a range of powerful features and APIs that enable users to generate high-quality synthetic data, perform privacy-preserving transformations on sensitive data, and identify personally identifiable information (PII) using advanced natural language processing (NLP) detection.

Key Features:

  1. Generative AI for Synthetic Data: Generate synthetic data that is as good or better than the existing data.
  2. Privacy-Preserving Transformations: Perform privacy-preserving transformations on sensitive data.
  3. PII Identification: Utilize advanced NLP detection to identify personally identifiable information (PII).
  4. Custom AI Models: Fine-tune custom AI models using Gretel’s APIs.
  5. Comprehensive APIs: Synthetics, Transform, and Classify APIs provide a complete set of tools for safe data generation.
  6. Documentation and Resources: Access comprehensive documentation, tutorials, GitHub projects, and open-source SDKs.
  7. Gretel Cloud Runners: Keep data contained by running Gretel containers in your own environment or scale out workloads to the cloud.

Use Cases:

  • Data Scientists: Generate synthetic data for training AI models and conducting data analysis.
  • Privacy Professionals: Perform privacy-preserving transformations on sensitive data to preserve privacy.
  • AI Developers: Fine-tune custom AI models using Gretel’s APIs.
  • Organizations: Unlock innovation and achieve more with safe access to the right data. provides organizations and data scientists with a powerful AI tool to generate synthetic data and unlock innovation while preserving privacy.

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