Alitheon FeaturePrint

No-Touch Serialization: Identify, Authenticate, and Trace Any and Every object with just a picture

Alitheon FeaturePrint is an optical AI technology that creates a unique digital fingerprint for any physical object. It does this by identifying and codifying the unique attributes and features that are inherently existing on the item. FeaturePrint is not affected by surface markings, such as serial numbers or barcodes, and it can be used to identify even identical-looking objects.

FeaturePrint has a wide range of applications, including:

  • Anti-counterfeiting: FeaturePrint can be used to authenticate products and prevent counterfeiting. For example, FeaturePrint is used by Argor-Heraeus to authenticate gold bars for national banks.
  • Supply chain traceability: FeaturePrint can be used to track and trace products through the supply chain. This can help to identify and prevent supply chain disruptions and fraud.
  • Asset management: FeaturePrint can be used to track and manage assets, such as equipment and inventory. This can help to improve asset utilization and reduce theft and loss.
  • Quality control: FeaturePrint can be used to inspect products for defects and ensure quality. For example, FeaturePrint is used by auto manufacturers to inspect car parts for defects.

FeaturePrint is a powerful new technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way we authenticate, track, and manage physical objects. It is a key example of how AI is being used to solve real-world problems.

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