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Snack Prompt


Snack Prompt Features

Snack Prompt enables you to create, share, and upvote community prompts, bookmark your favorites, and seamlessly integrate them into the ChatGPT interface for enhanced creativity and inspiration.

Key Features:

  1. Create, share, and upvote prompts: Participate in an active community of prompt creators and supporters.
  2. Bookmark prompts: Organize your favourite prompts for quick access.
  3. Customize your feed: Follow topics to tailor your content feed.
  4. Chrome plugin: Instantly access prompts through a handy browser extension.
  5. Marketplace: Sell your prompts to generate revenue.

Use Cases:

• Stimulate your creativity with a diverse range of prompts from the community.

• Stay organized and engaged by bookmarking and following topics of interest.

• Boost your ChatGPT experience with seamless prompt integration.

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