This software is meant to be a productive contribution to the rapidly growing AI-generated media industry. It will help artists with tasks such as animating a custom character or using the character as a model for clothing etc.

The developers of this software are aware of its possible unethical applications and are committed to take preventative measures against them. It has a built-in check which prevents the program from working on inappropriate media including but not limited to nudity, graphic content, sensitive material such as war footage etc. We will continue to develop this project in the positive direction while adhering to law and ethics. This project may be shut down or include watermarks on the output if requested by law.

Users of this software are expected to use this software responsibly while abiding the local law. If face of a real person is being used, users are suggested to get consent from the concerned person and clearly mention that it is a deepfake when posting content online. Developers of this software will not be responsible for actions of end-users.

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