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Andi Features

Andi is a generative AI-powered search engine that provides direct answers instead of just links. Andi filters for high-quality content to answer questions and summarize results accurately using generative AI.

Key features and advantages include:

Conversational search: Offers a chatbot interface for users to type queries and receive answers in a conversational style

Personalized experience: Provides a search experience akin to chatting with a ‘smart friend’

Additional features: Ad-free and anonymous search experience along with some interesting features such as

  • Reader-view mode: see articles in an ad-free view
  • Summarize: Get an instant short summary of pages online
  • Explain: have topics explained simply
  • Text generation: Get factually grounded content generation. Prompt Andi by asking, “Write, brainstorm, create, or draft…”

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